Uploading a Signature for Checks

One of the options for associating a signature to a bank account to be printed on checks is the uploading of an image file. Below are the guidelines to adhere to when prepping your image so that the signature can best be extracted and processed.

Image Format

The image must be in either a JPEG or PNG format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png).


The image must be at least 330px x 105px. The image may be larger but we recommend a width to height ratio of approximately 3:1 for best results.

Color and Size

The signature must be written in black or dark ink on a white or light background. The signature should be centered and should occupy most of the image.

Things to Avoid

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that we recommend you avoid when preparing a signature image.

Don't: Have the signature be too small in your uploaded image

Make sure to center your signature and crop your image as needed so that the signature takes up a majority of the space.

Don't: Write your signature on ruled or patterned paper

Write your signature on a white or light colored background to ensure proper signature processing. Using ruled or patterned paper will likely result in unintended artifacts.

Don't: Include other objects or artifacts in your image other than the signature

If you are taking a photo of your signature rather than using a scanned image, make sure to prepare your photo so that all artifacts and non-signature objects (e.g. tables, pens, dark shadows, etc...) are cropped out.