Intuitive Pricing

Simple, powerful, and pay-as-you-go

Complete Flexibility with On-Demand Pricing

September Bill

Date Product Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
9/1 4 x 6 Postcard 121 $0.70 $84.70
9/5 Check 85 $1.50 $127.50
9/15 Color Document 2 $1.15 $2.30
9/21 8 x 10 Poster 6 $3.93 $23.58

Straightforward Pricing

No hidden fees. Our displayed prices always include everything from production to shipping. No more worrying about how much you are paying.


There are no minimum commitments. Pricing and usage of Lob's products are 100% on-demand.

Simple Billing

Your account will be billed at the end of each month for what you consumed. Nothing more, nothing less.

Start Saving on High Volumes with Reserved Pricing

Reserved pricing gives you the option to make a low, one-time payment to reserve a certain amount of API requests over a period of time. Reserved pricing is ideal for customers that have a good sense of their future demand, so you can start planning and saving. 

Example Postcard Monthly Reservations

Payment Quantity Unit Price
$310 500 $0.620
$590 1,000 $0.590
$1,130 2,000 $0.565
$1,590 3,000 $0.530
$1,950 4,000 $0.487
$2,190 5,000 $0.438
$4,260 10,000 $0.426
$6,320 15,000 $0.421
$8,320 20,000 $0.416
$19,750 50,000 $0.395

* Pricing above is for demo purposes only. Please see individual pricing pages for actual pricing.


Reserve on a monthly or annual basis. Your reservation expires at the end of the term or when your quantity has been exhausted, whichever comes first.


This is the amount paid to purchase a reservation.


Number of units of the product you are reserving for the specified time period.

Unit Price

This is the effective price of each API request if you use up your entire reservation.

Choosing the Term of a Reservation

Monthly reservations are perfect for customers who can estimate demand accurately for the short-term. Reservations can be renewed once the reservation is exhausted or has expired.

For customers that have a good sense of monthly recurring volumes, the Annual term allows for further savings. By purchasing an Annual reservation, you can lock in a bigger discount for a longer period of time.

The Power of Reservations

Lob provides multiple reservation tiers so that you can lock in bigger discounts as your business scales.

Reserved pricing is easy to use and requires no change to how you use Lob's API. When a reservation is exhausted or expired you will be charged at the on-demand rates.

**To purchase a reservation for one of our products please email