Cancellation Windows

By default, all new accounts have a 5 minute cancellation window for postcards, letters, and checks. Within that timeframe, you can cancel mailings, free of charge. This gives you the flexibility to quickly QA your mailings before they finally get sent off for production.

Editing your Cancellation Windows

Certain customers can customize their cancellation windows in their Dashboard Settings. Upgrade to the appropriate Print & Mail Edition to automatically gain access to this ability. If you have access to this feature, your cancellation window can be anything from 0 minutes (no cancellation window) to up to 3 days.

Keep in mind that when you edit your cancellation window settings, any changes made will only apply to mailings created after the update was made. If you find yourself constantly changing your cancellation window for different use cases, we recommend using our Scheduled Mailings feature instead.

Canceling your Mailings

Within your chosen cancellation window, postcards, letters, and checks are cancelable. This means that they will be completely removed from production and that they will not count towards your monthly usage for billing purposes.

To cancel a mailing, either use the API endpoint or cancel the mailing from your Dashboard. In either case, the mailing will only be cancelable if its send_date has not yet passed.

Bypassing Cancellation Window with Scheduled Mailings

Even if you have a cancellation window set on your account, using the Scheduled Mailings feature to schedule a mailing will override your cancellation window and the send_date passed will be used instead.

Not only is this useful for scheduling mailings far off in the future, but it is also handy for completely bypassing any cancellation window you might have and sending one mailing or batch off to production immediately.