Introducing Webhooks!

Automate Workflows with Webhooks We're incredibly excited today to finally launch one of our most highly requested features! Webhooks are an easy way to get notifications on events happening asynchronously within Lob's architecture. Once set up, they can help automate workflows that you might currently... Continue Reading »

3 Creative Ways to Use Lob and TowerData

The benefits of direct mail marketing are clear. You’ve probably seen the stats about consumer behavior—77% of people sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. Not to mention, almost all Americans check their mail every day. A high percentage... Continue Reading »

TowerData + Lob

One of the biggest challenges that direct mail administrators face is targeting. When you’re planning a campaign or outreach initiative at scale, how do you make sure that your messaging is reaching the right audience? This question is mission-critical to the success of almost... Continue Reading »