Run retention campaigns that are more personal, timely and relevant.

Looking for a better way to retain customers? Use Lob's APIs to run campaigns, drive customer renewals and scale revenue. Automatically send customized letters based on specific events you define or actions your customers take. From personalized postcards to tailored offer letters, Lob lets you instantly generate documents on demand—no batching required. The efficiency of email meets the personal touch of the mailbox—and it's never been easier.

Mail On-Demand

Generate mail in real time to instantly blast out campaigns based on triggered actions. Our industry-leading two day SLA means immediate contact with the customers who matter.

Seamless Tracking

Lob offers crystal clear visibility into where your mail is at all times, and our webhooks give you the ability to integrate tracking directly into your marketing systems.

Dashboard & Analytics

Track your mail on a piece-by-piece basis or at an aggregate level based on campaign, customer segment, and more. It's all available at your fingertips whenever you need, right on your dashboard.

Case Study

How Spring uses Lob

Spring is a mobile marketplace specializing in lifestyle fashion, offering their customers everything from high-end brands to everyday affordable wear, all in one cart.

Like most e-commerce companies, Spring used a combination of email and paid advertisements for retention and acquisition campaigns. Although the campaigns found some success, they were extremely costly, and the folks at Spring knew there had to be a better way.

That's when they tried Lob, and they couldn't believe the results.

“I've worked with dozens of vendors in my career, and I did not expect the level of support we got from Lob. At our company, Lob is well-regarded because it's associated with driving both revenue and retention.”

With Lob's automation and personalization, Spring's team created custom retention campaigns that were triggered based on customer actions. Lob's two-day SLA gave Spring full control to reach out instantly to key demographics, such as first-time buyers.

Suddenly, customers who made an initial purchase were far more likely to make a second and third—all because they received physical mail at just the right moment. The results were amazing: Spring's direct mail campaigns soared to double digit conversion rates.

The ROI was unthinkably high compared to their previous paid channel campaigns. Lob's cost-effective setup and precise delivery soon generated monthly returns as high as 10x the investment.




conversion rate

But perhaps the most surprising thing Spring encountered with Lob was the unprecedented level of customer support. "I've worked with dozens of vendors in my career, and I did not expect this level of support," explains Mindy Welford, Senior Manager of Email and CRM, "the team has been so communicative, and it's been a pleasure to work with them."

Today, Spring's customer retention rates are soaring, and they use direct mail to connect with and delight their most important customers. And they couldn't be happier.

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