Address Enrichment

Get insights from your addresses like never before.

Lob offers a wealth of CASS metadata with every certification—from recipient and street direction, to county and carrier route, and a whole lot more. Residential Delivery Indicator lets you differentiate between commercial and residential addresses, while state-of-the-art geocoding lets you map exactly where your addresses are. It's fast, powerful, and totally seamless.

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Geocoding and RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator)

Accurately pinpoint addresses on a map with longitude and latitude coordinates, so you get the most out of your data. We even provide RDI information so you can differentiate between residential and commercial addresses.

Address Standardization

Our intelligent API ensures your addresses adhere to proper postal formating and autocorrects them when they don't. Got some piece of information wrong? We'll automatically fix it. It's that simple.

Fast Response Times

Our modern RESTful API means no wasted time—we'll start enhancing your data in milliseconds.

How it works

Try out our US verification API or US ZIP Lookup API for free with a few addresses below!


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What do these results mean?
Zip Code:
Zip Code Type:

Preferred City

County Fips:
Results will appear here.

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This address is deliverable by the USPS.
The address is deliverable by removing the provided secondary unit designator. This information may be incorrect or unnecessary.
The address is deliverable to the building's default address but is missing a secondary unit designator and/or number. There is a chance the mail will not reach the intended recipient.
The address is not deliverable according to the USPS, but parts of the address are valid (such as the street and ZIP code).
This address is not deliverable. No matching street could be found within the city or ZIP code.


What do these results mean?
Primary Line:
Secondary Line:
Last Line:


Primary Number:
Street Predirection:
Street Name:
Street Suffix:
Street Postdirection:
Secondary Designator:
Secondary Number:
PMB Designator:
PMB Number:
Extra Secondary Information:
ZIP Code:
ZIP Code +4:
ZIP Code Type:
Delivery Point Barcode:
Address Type:
Record Type:
Default Building Address:
County FIPS:
Carrier Route:
Carrier Route Type:

Deliverability Analysis

DPV Confirmation:
DPV Vacant:
DPV Footnotes:
EWS Match:
LACS Indicator:
LACS Return Code:
Suite Return Code:
Results will appear here.

Case Study

How uses Lob had a problem. To ensure properties listed on their site weren't scammers phishing for credit cards, they had to physically verify each address—no small task for a site with more than 1.3 million listings in over 280 countries. And travelling across the globe, driving hours through ice and snow, just to verify an address that might be fake? Not fun.

The solution? Snail mail, baby. It was genius—they mailed verification codes to property owners, who then logged in to to authenticate their addresses.

But there was a catch. A project of this magnitude had its own complications. It took 60 employees working non-stop around the world, just to keep up with the printing, packaging and mailing. It was costly, time-consuming and a logistical nightmare. Even at their fastest, they could only send out verification mail once a week.

“Actual bookers ending up at fake places dropped like a stone, and the number of fake properties going live dropped by 96-97%.”

Lob made this headache disappear by automating everything. no longer needed even one employee slaving over mailing, and the once burdensome project became one less thing to worry about. Lob's automation meant verification mail went out instantly instead of in batches. By streamlining the process and slashing wasted time, optimized their mailing system to run without a hitch.

But the best part, for, wasn't all the time and money saved. "Actual bookers ending up at fake places dropped like a stone, and the number of fake properties going live dropped by 96-97 percent," explained Sagar Achanta. "That's the real win."

Lob did more than just stop scammers. With international addresses, even the slightest typo or missing bit of information poses massive problems for travelers. An absent unit number or missing street direction can throw off GPS coordinates or keep a property from showing up on Google Maps—a horrifying prospect for anyone visiting a foreign country. Lob fixed that too, verifying addresses to make sure every single one was correct and mappable.

Today,'s customers know they'll arrive at the right place. They won't get scammed, and their GPS won't spit them out in the middle of nowhere. And that's a game-changer.

Because, at its core, is all about trust. And customers trust, because trusts Lob.


employees saved from manual labor


reduction of # of fake properties going live

CASS metadata with each US verification

  • Recipient
  • Primary Line
  • Secondary Line
  • Urbanization
  • Last Line
  • Deliverability
  • Primary Number
  • Street Predirection
  • Street Name
  • Street Suffix
  • Street Postdirection
  • Secondary Designator
  • Secondary Number
  • PMB (Private Mailbox) Designator
  • PMB (Private Mailbox) Number
  • Extra Secondary Information
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • ZIP+4 Code
  • ZIP Code Type
  • Delivery Point Barcode
  • Residental Delivery Indicator (RDI)
  • Record Type
  • Default Building Address
  • County
  • County FIPS
  • Carrier Route
  • Carrier Route Type
  • Geocoding (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
  • DPV Footnotes
  • CMRA
  • Vacant
  • Early Warning System (EWS)
  • LACSLink Indicator
  • LACSLink Return Code
  • SuiteLink Return Code

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