A smarter way to make a first impression.

Need to reach someone new with just the right message? We'll make it happen. Lob's API suite lets you customize every piece of mail with names, unique messages, and even images perfectly tailored to your audience. Plus, our demographics engine helps you reach the right people based on factors like age, income and more. You only pay for what you send—no setup costs, no minimums, and no guesswork.


Put your acquisition campaigns on autopilot with our APIs. You'll have personalized mail and access to our print delivery network, giving you superior quality and speedy deliverability, every single time.

Dashboard & Analytics

Get unmatched insight into when your mail will be delivered. Lob tracks intelligent mail barcodes through the mailstream to let you keep an eye on delivery progress, right from your dashboard.

Area Mail

Easily blast mail to a selected zip code, or customize campaigns on predetermined demographics like age, income and more. Our best-in-class print offerings and vetted QA mean easy, fast, high-quality mailings. We can also help with targeting and introduce data partners to make your campaigns as accurate and effective as possible.

Smarter mail starts with Lob.

It's dead-simple to get up and running, and our experts are here to help at every step.

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