Modern APIs, 99% deliverability.

Lob is an API layer that makes sending ink and paper mail as easy as sending email. Here's how it works:

Set up your content

Simple guidelines help you design your piece to hold space for addresses and other required info. The rest is up to you. Want some help? Check out these guides for a head start.

Trigger your mailing

Supply your art and everything else Lob needs to know to send your mailing via the API. As soon as you issue an API request, Lob gets your piece ready to be mailed. See API documentation for more info.

Get results

Lob smartly routes each individual piece to optimize speed and deliverability while keeping costs low. You can keep an eye on your own delivery stats and add any additional campaign tracking you'd like, from promo codes to unique URLs and phone numbers.

See Lob in action


Postcards for Verifying User Addresses


Automated, Custom Invoicing


Programmatic Checks for Rebate Payouts