Carewell: Building Customer Loyalty with Data

Carewell is an online retailer of healthcare products that takes pride in being a trusted resource to caregivers— their primary mission is to improve the lives of caregivers and help them provide better care to their loved ones. To differentiate themselves from massive online retailers, Carewell offers expert, quality support; multiple ways to place orders; and transparent shipping. Carewell aims to develop an ongoing relationship with each of their customers, as they understand that their brand’s value is evaluated before the first order is placed and well after their last delivery. With the use of Lob Address Verification API, they were able to build more trust with their customers, while finding ways to reduce their operating costs.

Undeliverable Addresses Meant Delayed Deliveries

Carewell noticed that some of their orders were being returned to their fulfillment centers by their courier due to them having an undeliverable address. The fees associated with sending undeliverable packages significantly increased Carewell’s shipping costs, but it highlighted another problem: customers were at risk of receiving orders later than expected, or sometimes not at all. Carewell knew that they needed to find a solution that would help them deliver orders on time, even if they didn’t have a valid address. 

The Need For Data

First, Carewell implemented a shipment tracking software that issued a notification when there was an issue with a delivery. This allowed for Carewell to identify delayed deliveries and clarify address information so that the next attempted delivery could be successful. While this saved money for Carewell, it didn’t reduce the amount of delayed deliveries. 

Next, Carewell implemented a lightweight address verification solution that identified undeliverable addresses. However, this solution didn’t give insight on why an address was undeliverable. Since many of Carewell’s shipments are mailed to assisted living facilities or nursing homes, they didn’t need to have a suite number in order to be delivered. Carewell needed a solution that allowed them to differentiate between an invalid address and one that was missing secondary information.

Carewell Uses Lob to Strengthen Their Customer Experience

That’s when Carewell started using Lob. With Lob’s detailed documentation and native integrations, Carewell was able to implement Lob in just four hours. Lob’s robust platform gave Carewell the ability to adapt their fulfillment process in a way that reflected their brand’s values. This change made it possible for Carewell to fulfill orders while eliminating the amount of undeliverable mail they sent. Lob enabled Carewell to increase their on-time delivery rates,  but it also helped them to increase their brand recognition; using the Lob Print & Mail API, Carewell programmatically sent welcome letters to new customers. Lob made it easier for Carewell to achieve their mission of improving the lives of caregivers, while reducing their shipping costs by $5,000 a month. 

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