Payment Collections

Collections Letters That Get You Paid.

Lob provides an intelligent and modern solution that integrates collections letters into your overall customer communications strategy and gets you paid. From payment reminders to failed payment notices, collections letters sent to your customers through Lob are taken seriously, deliver proven results, and keep your business compliant.

Automatic & Triggered

Historically, it's been impossible to incorporate collections letters into your accounts receivable processes without a lot of manual work. Until now! With our programmatic REST APIs and modern developer tools, Lob automates the printing and delivery of collection notices triggered precisely as dictated by your dunning process.

Personalized & Persuasive

With HTML and CSS so your content can be infinitely personalized, Lob allows your business to deliver highly customized collections letters that deliver meaningful results. If you want to A/B test different content, Lob provides metadata tagging and analytics, so you can easily measure performance and invest more into what actually delivers results.

Fast & Accurate

A collections letter won't deliver optimal results if it doesn't reach the right recipient quickly. With our proprietary print delivery network and our USPS-certified address cleansing, standardization, and enrichment, Lob ensures that your collections letters reach the right person at the right time.

Integrated & Omni-Channel

Phone calls, emails, and text messages make sense as part of your collections efforts, but those channels are often ignored—leading to payment delays and higher risk of charge-offs. Lob augments those efforts with collections letters that are taken seriously and deliver results. With in-transit mail delivery events, webhook notifications, and pre-built integrations to other systems, Lob seamlessly integrates into your broader, multi-channel communications strategy and consistently reinforces your collections message with customers at precisely the right time.

Compliant & Auditable

Improper delivery of your collections message can lead to customer complaints, lawsuits, and even monetary damages. With HTML templates and an auditable mail archive, Lob allows your business to deliver pre-approved content, easily update content as regulations change, and have an audit log available whenever needed—ultimately allowing your collections letters to remain compliant with federal and state regulations such as the FDCPA and UDAAP.

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