Compliance Notices

Never worry (or even think) about audits again.

Stay on top of mail compliance with Lob, so a looming audit won't keep you up at night. Our API suite ensures notices go where they're supposed to, on time, no matter what. The best part? Lob takes care of everything—from worry-free printing to automatic mailing—so you can rest easy knowing you're 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

Lightning-fast Speed

Have confidence your documents will be processed and sent on time—it's that simple. Our vast Print Delivery Network allows us to originate mail closer to its destination for optimal delivery speed. The result? Our industry-leading two day SLA.

Intelligent Tracking

Lob's platform updates mail with tracking events in real-time, so you can keep an eye on compliance notices as they pass through the mailstream and make sure they end up where they need to.

Secure Historical Archives

Access your rendered documents anytime you want and easily look up anything you've sent to a customer. It's safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. Every single time.

Case Study

How Clover uses Lob

Clover Health is an innovative healthcare company that uses data and technology to improve health outcomes for Medicare Advantage customers. But for everything Clover was doing to change the healthcare game, their approach to mail was stuck in the past—and in the world of healthcare, that's a huge problem.

Healthcare companies like Clover face a massive logistical burden: compliance. The law dictates that they send a staggering volume of compliance mail—all of it delivered quickly and accurately, to an ever-changing network of patients and providers. Clover had to employ someone full-time, just to keep up with letter generation and correspondence.

What's more, running a Medicare Advantage company means dealing with frequent government audits. Clover was spending a huge amount of time preparing for potential audits—valuable time they would rather channel towards the purpose of the company: keeping people healthy.

“With Lob we're able to save our precious resources for building the pieces that we know will be innovative to our core product.”

When Clover switched to Lob, this logistical nightmare ended. Lob's APIs enabled them to send compliance mail out completely automatically. That employee assigned to generating mail now focuses on higher-level concerns, and instant access to secure historical archives makes the constant cycle of internal and external audits a cake walk. Now it's all right there on their Lob dashboard.

It was exactly the kind of service Clover wanted to outsource within their technology stack and they were delighted to find Lob's APIs. Even though Clover was in the middle of an audit during integration, the switch to Lob couldn't have been easier. Lob stayed in constant contact, implemented the features Clover needed fast, and worked hard to address feature requests and take care of Clover from a customer success perspective.

Clover's days of worrying about audits and HIPAA compliance are over. Automated mail goes out instantly and accurately every time—and that's why we call it intelligent mail.


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