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Smart companies build their business on Lob.

If your business depends on mail, Lob can help. Splice your company's DNA with ours and get ready to compete and win at a higher level—from automating day-to-day business processes, to scaling operations at the national level, and beyond. If mail is a big part of what you do, life is about to get a whole lot easier.

Modern Tooling and Ease of Use

We made it simple for you. With access to prebuilt libraries and templates in Github, you can get started in minutes, right from your computer. It's fast, simple, and totally hassle-free.


Use our webhooks to integrate notifications right into your existing systems. Trigger actions based on Lob events and make mail work for you.

Flexible and On-Demand

No minimum commitments, no batching, and no more negotiating contracts. Start using Lob instantly and you'll have all the benefits of a world class Print Delivery Network—with none of the hassle.

Case Study

How RealMailers uses Lob

RealMailers began as the in-house product of a real estate brokerage firm in Manhattan. The firm was running targeted campaigns to homeowners and buyers, using granular demographic data to reach customers. They had a clever strategy, and it was working.

But sending personalized mail is an expensive and time-consuming process. To keep costs down, they did everything in-house—printing and folding thousands of flyers, stuffing envelopes, even sending interns on weekly cab rides to the post office with USPS trays. It all amounted to a massive headache.

But slowing down wasn't an option, because time is relevance in real estate. Send an open house invitation a day late, and it's dead in the water.

“The time saved is nearly impossible to quantify—I can't imagine our current operation with a traditional vendor.”

When Mihkel and Michael discovered Lob, everything changed. Lob seamlessly automated the entire process, and the time-sucking logistics of manually creating personalized mailing campaigns instantly vanished. The best part? Lob integrated into their systems without a hitch, making the transition totally painless so they could focus on what really mattered with their business.

Suddenly, with the clunky operational distractions gone, there was time to step back and see their potential to scale, now powered by Lob. They started thinking outside Manhattan, to conceive of a powerful service that could reach customers far beyond their firm's walls. And RealMailers was born.

Today, RealMailers uses Lob's suite of APIs to create targeted postcard campaigns, allowing agents and brokers to pinpoint customers, customize postcards, and quickly blast out personalized mail. Lob's automation means customers can set everything up without leaving their desk.

With Lob's help, RealMailers now makes precisely targeted mailing campaigns cheaper than ever, with no minimums, no subscription, and no batching required.


hours to integrate


active clients nationwide

RealMailers found that integrating with Lob was a breeze. Lob's initial MVP was up and running so fast that RealMailers was sending their first address verifications and test postcards in a matter of hours. "The time saved is nearly impossible to quantify," says CEO Mihkel Noormagi. "I can't imagine our current operation with a traditional print vendor."

Soon RealMailers went from serving 50 agents locally to an active client base of over 500 agents and brokers nationwide. Their users keep coming back, because they are able to offer unique targeting, ease of use, and competitive pricing.

Smarter mail starts with Lob.

It's dead-simple to get up and running, and our experts are here to help at every step.

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