3 Ways Lending Companies Can Make Direct Mail Programmatic

3 Ways Lending Companies Can Make Direct Mail Programmatic

Lending companies face challenges everyday—getting new customers, making sure current ones pay off their loans—sending mail shouldn’t be one of them. However, many companies still manually send mail or spend weeks compiling customer data to send in batches to print shops. At Lob, our goal is to help lending companies focus on what matters most, while we take care of the mail operations. In this post, we will highlight 3 ways that lending companies use Lob to power their direct mail operations.

1. Acquisition & Attribution

Being able to reach potential customers on multiple channels is vital to any business. eCapital uses Lob to send personalized loan offerings based on online triggers. Rather than waiting for a batch minimum or any backlogs in the mailroom, eCapital reaches customers faster with a more personalized message. Our API, since it handles structured data, makes it easy for eCapital to track attribution with direct mail. Instead of relying on mailing partners, who provide snapshots in time, eCapital uses Lob's API to immediately match direct mail campaigns to internal funnel statistics to provide real-time dashboards and analytics.

2. Customer Lifecycle Management

Lending businesses have important content and messages that need to be sent on a regular basis. Statements are easy to automate given that they occur on regular basis, but what about welcome letters, 25% paid, referral requests, etc.? These events occur based on a customer action, and that makes it difficult to manage mailers (which are handled ad-hoc on a regular basis, rather than in response to a customer action). When Fundbox wanted to pilot a program to reach customers with a new loan offer, they used Lob’s API to create triggered letters. Now, when a customer is overdue on 3 or more of their payments, they are immediately sent an offer to help pay off their loan faster. This can easily be repeated for any other targeted customer action you’re looking to create a mailing for.

3. Compliance Notices

Given the nature of lending, there is a necessity around sending key compliance notices to customers in a timely manner and provide proof of mailing for compliance reasons. This surfaces in adverse action letters or collection notices. LoanNow uses Lob to automate adverse action letters, but along with automation gets a historical record of all mailings, and we provide per-piece tracing & delivery information that is accessible real-time via our API. They’re able to reach customers with time-sensitive information and keep their compliance teams happy.

Using Lob, lenders are able to constantly improve their mail operations at scale. Our team will be at LendIt SF on 3/6 & 3/7, booth #364. Come say hello or email us at lendit@lob.com, and see how you can modernize your mail process for compliance letters, marketing campaigns, or payment notices.