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When will I be billed by Lob?

Your billing will be dependent on your Lob pricing plan:

  • On-Demand: Under our On-Demand pricing, you will be billed at the end of each month for that month's usage. For example, if you send 100 postcards at $1.00 per postcard in the month of January, you will be charged $100 at the end of January.
  • Reserved Pricing: Under our Reserved Pricing plan, you will be charged upfront for a set number of mailings over a set period of time (monthly, yearly).

What payment methods does Lob accept?

Lob accepts ACH and credit card.

How do I change my payment information?

You can change your payment information on the payments tab in your Settings.

What is the On-Demand Pricing Plan?

Our On-Demand plan does not require any monthly fee or volume commitment. You pay for your usage at the end of the month and are billed at the on-demand rate.

What is the Reserved Pricing Plan?

The Reserved pricing plan is a monthly or yearly plan for a certain number of mailings at a discounted rate to Lob's On-Demand plan. It is ideal for customers who have a good sense of the volume they intend on mailing.

Once a Reserved plan is purchased, it will remain in effect until either 1) you use up your reserved quantity, or 2) the reservation expires due to elapsed time. After a reservation expires, unused quantities do not roll over to the next month/year, and pricing returns to the on-demand rate.

What happens if my Reserved plan expires and I still have an unused quantity remaining?

If a Reserved plan expires due to time, the unused quantity of mailings do not roll over to the next month. Please be careful to gauge your demand before you purchase a Reserved Plan. We recommend you start with our On-Demand plan until you have a good grasp of your volume needs.

Do your prices include the cost of shipping?

Yes - the prices you see on are all-in costs; they include the cost of printing, postage, and delivery.

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