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Billing and payments done right.

Automate statements with Lob so you can focus your time and energy on running your business, not paperwork. You'll never have to worry about sending invoices or followups—Lob handles everything. Plus, our piece-by-piece tracking and over 99% delivery rates ensure your invoices end up in the right hands. Now getting paid is easier than ever.

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Programmatic Check Payments

Generate custom branded checks at scale, with state of the art security and seamless tracking. Send them anywhere—they're accepted everywhere.

Instant Statements

Create personalized statements with ease and include return envelopes to make things simple for your customers. Our vast Print Delivery Network means a two-day SLA every time. Send as many as you need, without ever having to worry about batching requirements.

Simple Template Management

Easily create, view, edit, and manage HTML templates by saving them to Lob's system—that means full control for your designers. Need to make changes? Do it instantly from your Dashboard, without touching your API integration.

Case Study

How Counsyl uses Lob

As a health tech company offering DNA screenings, Counsyl faced the monthly challenge of creating thousands of HIPAA-compliant invoices, split between insurance companies and individuals.

Not only was the process unwieldy, but payment rates suffered due to patients confused about their financial responsibility. This meant time wasted and far too many bills unpaid.

“Lob's well-documented API is seamless to use and the team has been incredibly responsive to adding functionality we need.”

Fortunately, with Lob's help, Counsyl completely automated their billing process. Lob sends HIPAA-compliant invoices and followups automatically, now printed with specific information to guide patients through their payment responsibility.

To make things as simple as possible for their customers, Lob's technology allows Counsyl to trigger a mailpiece that has a perforation with a preaddressed slip that can be dropped into the included return envelope, so customers can pay their bills with zero hassle.

The result? 20% increase in patient payments, a drastic reduction in customer service inquiries, and no more wasted time.


patients invoiced per month


increase in patient payments

Smarter mail starts with Lob.

It's dead-simple to get up and running, and our experts are here to help at every step.

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