Easily verify domestic and international mailing addresses

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Insight into your addresses

Gain actionable insights from your data. Ensure that your addresses are standardized, validated, and cleaned.

Confidence in deliverability

Our API is CASS certified by USPS for over 169 million addresses to ensure that your product will get to its final destination.

Save time and money

Avoid customer complaints, returned mail, lost packages, operational waste, and brand damage with robust data cleansing.

Worldwide coverage

With data from over 240+ countries around the world, Lob verifies both domestic and international addresses.

How it works

Try out our US verification API for free with a few addresses below!

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CASS metadata with each US verification

  • Recipient
  • Primary Line
  • Secondary Line
  • Urbanization
  • Last Line
  • Deliverability
  • Primary Number
  • Street Predirection
  • Street Name
  • Street Suffix
  • Street Postdirection
  • Secondary Designator
  • Secondary Number
  • PMB (Private Mailbox) Designator
  • PMB (Private Mailbox) Number
  • Extra Secondary Information
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • ZIP+4 Code
  • ZIP Code Type
  • Delivery Point Barcode
  • Residental Delivery Indicator (RDI)
  • Record Type
  • Default Building Address
  • County
  • County FIPS
  • Carrier Route
  • Carrier Route Type
  • Geocoding (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
  • DPV Footnotes
  • CMRA
  • Vacant
  • Early Warning System (EWS)
  • LACSLink Indicator
  • LACSLink Return Code
  • SuiteLink Return Code

On-demand verification starting at just $0.05

Reaching your customers by mail can be a crucial part of your business. Lob's address verification API gives you 300 free verifications per month. After that, each additional verification starts at just $0.05 per verification for all addresses within the United States. International mail addresses cost $0.15 per verification.

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Address verification made easy

Sign up for a free API key and take a quick look at the documentation. To get up and running even faster, check out prebuilt libraries for Ruby, Node.js, Python, and more.

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  • curl

  • Node

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • PHP

  • Java

    curl https://api.lob.com/v1/us_verifications \
      -u test_0dc8d51e0acffcb1880e0f19c79b2f5b0cc: \
      -d "primary_line=185 Berry Street" \
      -d "city=San Francisco" \
      -d "state=CA" \
      -d "zip_code=94107"
      primary_line: '185 Berry Street',
      city: 'San Francisco',
      state: 'CA',
      zip_code: '94107'
    }, function (err, res) {
      console.log (err, res);
      primary_line: "185 Berry Street",
      city:         "San Francisco",
      state:        "CA",
      zip_code:     "94107"
      primary_line='185 Berry Street',
      city='San Francisco',
      'primary_line' => '185 Berry Street',
      'city'         => 'San Francisco',
      'state'        => 'CA',
      'zip_code'     => '94107'
      .primary_line("185 Berry Street")
      .city("San Francisco")