Scheduling Mailings for a Future Date

Postcards, letters, and checks can be scheduled up to 180 days in the future. Until that time, mailings can also be canceled. You can use this feature to:

  • Create automated drip campaigns (e.g. send a postcard at 15, 30, and 60 days)
  • Schedule recurring sends
  • Plan your mailing schedule ahead of time

NOTE: This feature is exclusive to certain customers. Upgrade to the appropriate Print & Mail Edition to gain access.

Scheduling a mailing

Scheduling a mailing for the future just requires one additional parameter: send_date. This specifies a date and time up to 180 days in the future to start processing the mailing. For billing purposes, requests will count towards the month of their send_date, and will not be charged if they are canceled before that time. If your account has a cancellation window set for the resource you are creating, passing a send_date will override that window. For more detailed request information, see our documentation.

Canceling a mailing

If something changes on your side and you no longer wish to send a mailing that had already been scheduled (such as the customer taking a certain action), you can programmatically cancel those requests as long as the mailing's send_date has not passed. Additionally, you can cancel a mailing from your Dashboard.