Test and Live Environment

Every account has a test and a live environment. All API requests are either a test or live request. The two environments are completely separate; data created in the test environment can not access data created in the live environment, and vice versa. You should use the test environment during development to test that your integration is working properly and that your artwork looks as expected. Once you are ready for production, switch to your live API key.

The test and live API keys are located in your dashboard.

Test Mode

All features that are available in live mode are available in the test environment. When you send a request in test mode, a proof and thumbnails will be rendered, but the mail piece will not actually be printed and mailed. PDF proofs and thumbnail images of your mail-pieces are returned in the API response, which are helpful for you to preview the expected print output as well as show previews from your apps. Additionally, a full production-load test can be done in test mode before switching over to production.

To send a real mail piece, you need use your live API key.

Live Mode

Before going live, you will need to verify your email and add a payment method. A payment method is not required for the first 300 live requests per month to the /v1/us_verifications endpoint (after which you will begin receiving errors with status code 403). A verification email is sent when you create your account and can be requested again through the dashboard.

When you send a live request, your mail piece will be queued for printing and mailing immediately. There is no way to undo a live API request, so please use caution when using your live API key.