Case Study

How Counsyl uses Lob

Counsyl is a health technology company that offers DNA screening at key times in people's lives—for people starting a family and for those at risk of inherited cancer. Because Counsyl screens are covered by many health insurance plans, Counsyl bills both health plans and individual patients. Invoicing for thousands of patients a month used to be unwieldy, and payment rates suffered from a lack of information in Counsyl's old invoices.


patients invoiced per month


increase in patient payments

What they did

After hearing about Lob's ability to submit mail through a web-based API, Counsyl decided to automate their invoicing system. "Our invoices were incredibly plain and our options were very limited with our prior system," explained Matthew Maher, Front-End Engineering Manager. "We service many patients with multiple products, so we need to communicate clearly and precisely, but there was no information communicated to the patient via our old invoices. Using Lob, we're able to customize the formatting of our communication and take printing and mailing off our plate."

“Lob's well-documented API is seamless to use and the team has been incredibly responsive to adding functionality we need.”

How it worked

Counsyl's invoice process is now entirely automated—and Lob's "seamless documentation made it possible for us to be good to go from day one," recalled Maher. They now automatically send a custom invoice the day after it's ready as well as follow-ups if that invoice goes unpaid.

Each HIPAA-compliant invoice now contains specific information to help patients understand their payment responsibility. "The clearer our invoices are, the fewer invoice inquiries patients come to us with," said Ruth Feldman, Billing Manager. "We're now able to create information-rich invoices that answer patients' top questions and break out how their insurance processed the claim."

These changes have resulted in a 20% increase in patient payments as well as a drastic reduction in customer service inquires. Dana Jasek, Client Service Associate, elaborated: "The goal of our customer service team is to increase patient self-service, and using Lob's API for our invoices we've been able to dramatically do just that. We're seeing a significant drop in invoice questions."

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