Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Engineering | San Francisco, CA

Lob is building a suite of APIs to simplify and automate enterprise workflows. Our most popular product is our print and mail API that enables companies to send physical mail as effortlessly as sending emails. This API helps individuals and enterprise customers programmatically send physical mail at scale. Our second API focuses on address verification. It is officially CASS-certified by the USPS. Our long-term goal is to provide the building blocks for developers to automate the offline world through APIs. We’re looking for great problem-solvers to help us figure out how.

Our engineering team values agility, collaboration, and autonomy. We’re building a team of not just strong problem-solvers but great collaborators—engineers who are excited to teach and learn from each other, share decisions and information freely, and work together on new problems that no other companies have solved before. Come join the best people in the business.

As a member of our infrastructure team, you'll build the foundational systems that all Lob engineers use to develop and deploy their applications, make infrastructure easier to understand and maintain by creating layers of abstraction, and offload as much as possible (e.g. security, metrics, logging) into the infrastructure layer so that every new service will get it all "for free".

Our primary goal is to build systems that are easy to use so that Lob's application engineers can create new features and solving our customers' problems as fast as possible. An effective member of the Infrastructure team is a force multiplier for the entire engineering team. We have the luxury of being close to the users of our systems, so we can very easily get feedback about where we should be spending our time. This means that the work that we do is very high impact.

As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer, you'll...

  • Design solutions to make other Lob engineers as efficient as possible
  • Build out automation to reduce toil for the Infrastructure team and alleviate on-call burdens
  • Implement layers of abstraction to make creating new infrastructure as self-service as possible to prevent the Infrastructure team from becoming a development bottleneck
  • Create developer tools for other Lob engineers to help simplify interacting with integrated systems
  • Assist other teams to utilize our observability tools to debug production systems
  • Be a pioneer and advocate for open-source technologies that are new to Lob and could help solve some fundamental challenges (e.g. CI/CD, container orchestration, logging, etc)

For this role, we're looking for...

  • At least one year of experience implementing and maintaining distributed systems such as Elasticsearch and Kubernetes
  • A drive to solve problems through automation so that you have more time to tackle more important projects
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate with people with varying levels of technical expertise
  • Experience using the Software Development Life Cycle (e.g. version control, code review, continuous integration, etc) to manage cloud-based infrastructure
  • A desire to instrument and monitor as much as possible and to make decisions backed by data
  • A DevOps mindset to give application engineers ownership over their infrastructure, but with guardrails in place to enforce security, scalability, and consistency
  • Experience implementing solutions in a way that is sympathetic to both engineers and our end-users

We’re not just building a platform to make the world programmable. We’re also designing a great place to work.

Our team loves working at Lob because...

  • Lob was built by technical co-founders with a vision to make the world programmable. We offer two flagship APIs (print & mail and address verification)
  • Our business model is incredibly sustainable and Lob has thousands of customers ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Customers use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media
  • Venture-backed by the most reputable investors in tech, we have the funding to invest in fast growth
  • We are a small but dynamic and passionate team based in San Francisco. We give our employees a lot of responsibility and ownership of their work. You will have fun at work while engaging in challenging projects with the best and brightest
  • Our perks include:
    • Health benefits for you and your dependent(s)
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Dog-Friendly Office
    • Open vacation policy
    • Commuter benefits
    • Wellness program
    • Paid parental leave
    • Ground floor opportunity as an early member of the Lob team; you’ll directly shape the direction of our company
    • Free lunch, dinner, and snacks
    • 401(k)

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.