Introducing Webhooks!

Automate Workflows with Webhooks We're incredibly excited today to finally launch one of our most highly requested features! Webhooks are an easy way to get notifications on events happening asynchronously within Lob's architecture. Once set up, they can help automate workflows that you might currently... Continue Reading »

Dashboard User Roles

Manage Permissions on your Account with User Roles Managing your programmatic direct mail takes more than just one brain, which is why our customers love that they can have multiple users sharing one Lob account. Ever since we launched that feature, it's been highly requested... Continue Reading »

Scheduled Mailings & More API Features!

Here at Lob, we're consistently pushing to improve our API offerings. Today, we're glad to announce a couple exciting new features! Scheduling Mailings for a Future Date The ability to schedule postcards, letters, and checks for up to 90 days in the future is now... Continue Reading »

Announcing Subscription Pricing Plans

Since our inception in the summer of 2013, Lob has been growing and seeing more success with our API products each and every day. As we've scaled, we've noticed most of our customers increasing their recurring volume over time as well. Because of this, we're... Continue Reading »